Spring 1996 in Iowa marked the start of the competitive side on my cycling career. From 1996-2007 I learned the ins and outs of mtb racing in the XC scene in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. In 2004, I switch my focus to endurance racing by entering the 24 Hours of 9-Mile in Wisconsin. This is where I found my strongest form....the ability to suffer and ride at a consistent speed non-stop. A few weeks later I was on the start line of the 24 Hour Solo World Championships in Canada. From this point on I was hooked! To this very day the racing side of the sport for me is all about distance, speed, and adventure.

Past Results

Julian Death March: 3rd
Durango Dirty 100: 2nd
Firecracker 50: 4th
Breck-Epic 3-Day: 4th
24 Hrs Old Pueblo: 2nd
Ouachita Challenge: 1st
Breckenridge 68: 3rd
Vapor Trail 125: 1st
Brazil Ride: 3rd (CoEd)
24 Hrs Old Pueblo: 1st (Team)
Pierres Hole 100: 1st
Laramie Enduro: 3rd
Dakota 5-O: 3rd
Breck 100: 5th
Breck-Epic (Duo): 1st
Vapor Trail 125: 4th
Eagle Ranch XC: 3rd
Berry Creek Bash XC: 4th
Breck 100: 5th
Breck-Epic (Duo): 1st
Telluride 100: 5th
Vapor Trail 125: 4th
Salida Big Friggin Loop: 1st
Durango Dirty 100: 4th
Vail Grind XC: 4th
Breck 100 (Team): 1st
Telluride 100: 4th
Vapor Trail 125: 6th
Moab Rocks Stage Race: 3rd
East Side Epic Fatbike Race: 1st
Breck 100 (Team): 1st
Grand Traverse: 3rd
Fat Pursuit 60k: 1st

2017 Results

Fat Pursuit 200k: 1st
True Grit 50: 25th
Moab Rocks Stage Race: 26th
Tour De Los Padres: 1st
Desert Rats 100k: 2nd
Gunnison Growler: 11th
Salida Big F'n Loop: 4th
Silver Rush 50: 4th
Telluride 100: 6th
Power of Four MTB: 9th
Breck-Epic 3-Day: 2nd
Smoke 'n' Fire 400: 4th

2018 Schedule

Fat Pursuit 200-mile: 1st
Land Run 100: 41st
Belgian Waffle Ride: 14th (wave 2)
Gunnison Growler: 14th
Salida Big F'n Loop: 6th
Colorado Trail Race: DNF
Rebecca's Private ID: 6th
Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra: 1st
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