Gear list for the Smoke ‘n’ Fire 400

People are fascinated by gear! One of the amazing things about bikepacking and bikepack racing is the variably of setups that show up to a start line.  Some folks are super minimalist, other loaded down with anything and everything. It never fails, after doing these longer events the most common question is “What did you carry with you?” I am not one to not want to share this info, as others before me have done the same, which has helped me to hone and simplify my kit.  So, for the Smoke ‘n’ Fire 400, here is how I packed!





#5 (jersey pockets)




Worn Items

Here is most of the ride/race GPS file via Strava -

Race/Ride instant replay -

There you have it! Hopefully this helps you in planning your next adventure!

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