New Year | New Website

2015 marks almost the 20 year anniversary of when I threw my leg over a mountain bike to start competing and adventuring. It started in the Midwest….cutting my teeth racing in Iowa and Minnesota….then moving to Colorado in 2007 for personal and for my day-job with Ergon Bike USA. Sitting here typing and thinking about it, that is over 1/2 my life on this planet. Crazy! Honestly the bike has given me a lot…..A LOT. I am very very fortunate that my passion and hobby is a major bloodline in my life.The beginning of 2015 will mark the transition of my old archaic Blogger blog over to this new host. It will be simpler….cleaner…and better adapted to all those ‘electronic devices’ out there. It was time to mix it up a bit, as social media is slowly killing the blogging format. Anywho, stay tuned. Updates will come more frequently this year…with a focus on documentation, photography, and event/race reports. If you have any blog post requests, please reach out in social media or via the contact page.

As always, thanks for reading and the support.

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