2015 Preparation In Full Swing

As January 2015 pretty much passes us all by, the mind in on the Summer of 2015 and the racing and adventuring schedule. This year, I took a longer break off the bike, not starting any specific preparations until mid-December. Traditionally, November 1 is when I start laying the foundation for the coming season. The off-season has been filled with some xc skiing, fly-fishing, and general laziness. One thing for sure, it doesn’t take long to start craving the endorphins that riding and exercise produce.

This winter has been much tamer this year compared to the last 2 winters….thank God! Most of our snow here in Eagle, CO is gone (knock-on-wood), but trails remain closed due to mud or animal migration. When allowed, I’ve been getting out on the Canyon road bike…..pushing out watts while staring at the Stages power meter numbers. If not outside, then on the Kinetic Trainer. The numbers don’t lie one bit. Either you are IN or OUT of shape. Right now, I fall right in between IN and OUT. Lots of work to be done before March 15 and the True Grit 100.

This past weekend was spent in St George, UT….home of the True Grit 100 riding with good friends JD, Taner, Ben, KJ, and Erica. A mere 7 hour drive from Colorado and this puts me and training partners in an environment that is dry, dusty, and techy. Sooooo much good trail exists in and around St George. If you want fast and flow….there plenty of it. If you want chunky and techy, this also exists. So much of it that KJ, I, and the group can spend 3 days riding 4-6 hours each day and not ride the same trail twice. It’s the ideal early season mtb training basecamp. So for 3 consecutive days, I loaded up the Ergon BX1 backpack with GU, water, Topeak mini pump and tool, a small bottle of Stan’s, my phone, and Nikon point-n-shoot……hop on the Canyon Lux CF and head out to mix it up in the dirt with fast power riding and slow techy riding.

So for the next few weeks there is a plan to follow. Rise, wash, repeat. As long as winter sticks around, trips will be made to the nearby desert….event the Front Range of Colorado….to log the miles. So far the everything is a ‘GO’ for March. Looking forward to riding, racing, and traveling!

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