1. Gear list for the Fat Pursuit 200-Mile

    Date 09 Jan 2018
    Photo by Mike Riemer / Salsa Cycles The fan request for gear lists continues! One of the amazing things about bikepacking and bikepack racing is the variably of setups that show up to a start line. Some folks are super minimalist, other loaded down with anything and everything. It never…

  2. Gear list for the Smoke ‘n’ Fire 400

    Date 27 Sep 2017
    People are fascinated by gear! One of the amazing things about bikepacking and bikepack racing is the variably of setups that show up to a start line.  Some folks are super minimalist, other loaded down with anything and everything. It never fails, after doing these longer events the most common…

  3. Surviving and thriving at the Fat Pursuit 200k

    Date 12 Jan 2017
    Photo © Mike Riemer / Salsa Cycles Riding a fully loaded fat bike over the course of 125 snowy miles in the backcountry of the Great Yellowstone ecosystem… hard can it be, right? Well, it is an entirely different beast. It is indeed hard. There was no doubt going in…

  4. Eye on the Fat Pursuit 200k

    Date 03 Jan 2017
    With the addition of the Canyon Dude fat bike to quiver of bikes the skis have been neglected this winter.  I’m sorry, skis.  The fat bike has opened up endless winter riding opportunities and offers a fresh perspective on a sport that otherwise is typically relegated to dry dirt and…

  5. Product Review | RockShox RS-1

    Date 08 Dec 2015
    By far one of the most asked about products this year on and off the race track was what I thought about the new RockShox RS-1. This should come as no surprise, as the RS-1 takes the traditional looking fork and literally turns it upside down.  After logging close to…

  6. Bikepacking the Grand Traverse

    Date 24 Aug 2015
    Bikepacking has been off my radar for a few years now.  With a trio of failed Colorado Trail Race attempts, the opportunity to head out bikepacking never fell well into the work and racing schedule until now. In a few weeks Karen is racing the Grand Traverse MTB Race from…

  7. Interview with Limitless Pursuits

    Date 23 Jun 2015
    Recently I sat down with web based media site, Limitless Pursuits, to talk riding, my day job with Ergon Bike, and my roles at Team Topeak-Ergon.  Read the full review at:

  8. Drawing the Line on Adventure

    Date 06 Apr 2015
    At what point do you draw the line with how far an adventure could take you? While in your mind and on paper it may appear like a great idea, there is almost always outside forces that try to set you back into the normalcy that is day-to-day human life…

  9. An individual TT of the 100-mile White Rim

    Date 10 Feb 2015
    The White Rim route in Moab, UT you could say is on any endurance mtb athletes to-do list. For me, the timing and/or motivation has never been there to simply go pound it out. After all it’s a “dirt road”….which when in Moab, there are plenty of super trails to…

  10. 2015 Preparation In Full Swing

    Date 20 Jan 2015
    Icehouse Trail in Utah. Photo by Ben Jones As January 2015 pretty much passes us all by, the mind in on the Summer of 2015 and the racing and adventuring schedule. This year, I took a longer break off the bike, not starting any specific preparations until mid-December. Traditionally, November…

  11. The Endurance Junkie Podcast

    Date 14 Jan 2015
    The Belgium based clothing brand and podcast, Endurance Junkie, recently reached out to ask if I would sit down for a quick chat. Absolutely! In Episode 48, Peter and I, sit down to talk how I got started in mountain biking, my progression of racing, Team Topeak-Ergon, and my day-to-day…

  12. Top Photos | 2014

    Date 27 Dec 2014
    I took a ‘digital ton’ of photos this year from the various adventures. Not sure if I can narrow it down to my favorites. But I did after about 90 minutes of thumbing through the 2014 Images folder on my computer. It’s time to unload my Top Photos of 2014…

  13. New Year | New Website

    Date 26 Dec 2014
    2015 marks almost the 20 year anniversary of when I threw my leg over a mountain bike to start competing and adventuring. It started in the Midwest….cutting my teeth racing in Iowa and Minnesota….then moving to Colorado in 2007 for personal and for my day-job with Ergon Bike USA. Sitting…

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