Passion fuel by the bike

Born and raised in small town Iowa, my life changed the day my parents took me to buy my first mountain bike at a very small bike shop in Algona, Iowa. It was a steel Diamond Back Sorrento hardtail with no suspension. I pedaled it because I liked to....not because I had to. The people I have met, the places I have been, the jobs I have held....all because of a simple machine that is driven by 2 wheels, a chain, and human power. My life is good. Healthy. Inspiring.

The Future

I currently reside at 6,600 ft in Eagle, Colorado. As a member of Team Topeak-Ergon the future looks bright on and off the race track. When not focusing on endurance mountain bike events across the World, I pursue the lines less traveled....pushing the limits as to where the bike can and should go. The higher the better. Life is about adventuring and motivating others to do so!

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