• The finer things in life: socks

    I like me some good socksThere are those little things in life that make things a bit more enjoyable. For some, it is that special pair of sunglasses. Others, it is a specific pair of cycling gloves. Some even have a favorite brand of cycling shorts. Heck, maybe it is that magical saddle that lets you pedal for hours on end with out discomfort. Granted, I have those as well, but for me, I am picky about socks. I know a certain other that is as well.

    My criteria is simple...but only a few brands meet that need. The socks need to be offered in black......they need to incorporate a percentage of wool......they need to have a high cuff......the bottom of the sock must be thicker and soft. Enter the brand:
    Swiftwick. I received a pair of these about 1 year ago at an event in TN as swag. I bought a few pairs to try out in the long haul after some trial runs. Since that day I have been hooked! I ordered a few more pairs and the guys at Swiftwick threw in some extra. Socks that do nothing other than keep your feet happy are worth every penny in my book. Hot spots are a thing of the past. Also, the wool version is priceless on those cooler days when teamed up with a super pair of shoe covers. Only thing I can compare these socks to is the DeFeet Woolie Boolie in terms of function. But, the Swiftwick socks get the nod because they are thinner and better in hot weather over the cold weather DeFeet socks.

    Next time you ride....time a moment to think about your neglected feet.....and look at other riders to see if they are rock'n that little white logo near the top of the cuff on their socks.

    Big training block on tap over the weekend down in Boulder. Temps look to be cool.....and maybe wet. Time to break out the cool and wet weather clothing....and some Gore-Tex.