• Reflections on Moab

    Early hours on the Moab Rim Ride
    Early hours of the Moab Rim Ride on Sovereign Trail
    Photo by Marko Ross-Bryant

    Finally made it back to Fort Collins yesterday. We left 70 degrees and sunny for snow, windy and 32F temps. Going over Vail pass got a bit sketchy...and by the looks of things got much worse about 2 hours after we passed through. Good timing on our part.

    So, today, I am going to start listing some random thoughts, observations, and conversations from this weekends push across the desert terrain of Moab.

    1. Carry more water. I thought I had enough, but was forced to ration about 50 oz over the last 3 hours.

    2. Sidi Dragon shoes rock...as long as you do not have a bunch of hike a bikes. The soles on these shoes are 100% carbon and have no flex. They are perfect for the XC track and 100% rideable routes. But, if you have to hoof it...pick another model. What I need for these events is a pair of Sidi's without a carbon sole.

    3. "Where is the concrete stain!?"

    4. I had enough food. I actually had more left over than what I actually ate.

    5. I need to get a GPS. A map, friends, and minor course marking help....but are not the perfect route finding solutions.

    6. I ran the Conti Explorer tires for the event. They worked well, but got a little skiddish on the slick rock. The larger knobs felt like they wanted to roll. Ideally, the Speed King in 2.3 would have been perfection. I ran the tires I did, as they were my only option at the current time for a higher volume tire. Tires for the 2008 season are still set to arrive.

    7. I had a conversation with Dave and Lynda at about the 65 mile mark while doing a hike-a-bike section. Dave made the comment that I was riding very strong. I was going to say something....but I didn't....in fear of jinxing myself. Now that the race is done, I'll say it......"I feel really good. I feel as good as the second we left the start line."

    8. Chances if I would not have flatted and lost contact with Dave and Lynda I could have finished first. Reason being....the final 5 or so miles is on pavement and flat. Gears would have been an advantage. But, I am not sure I would have. It was always rolling around in the back of my head during the last 40 miles. It was like the flat tire was supposed to happen. As if the 2 single speeders deserved it more. Which they probably did.

    9. The Moab Rim Ride route is brutal, rough, and life changing. Just ask Adam and Tom. The pictures do not do it justice. I have been looking at everyones photos. They are taken on the parts of the route where you can remove one hand from the bar. The other parts of the course require much focus. Picture taking is not an option at all! I think the profile speaks enough volume.

    10. Coach has me dialed right now. Excited to see where things lead in the coming months.

    11. The top events I have ever done on a bike have been free, over 100 miles, no crowds, no awards ceremony, no waivers, and no hype.

    Here are the final finishing times. Keep in mind about 40 folks started.

    Lynda Wallenfels 10:23
    Dave Harris 10:23

    Jeff Kerkove (geared) 10:42

    Chad Brown (geared) 10:49

    Chris Plesko 11:04

    Max Morris (geared) 12:02

    Marko Ross-Bryant (geared) 12:12

    Ed Ellinger 12:35

    Essam Welch 12:47

    Derrick Batley (geared) 12:57

    Mike Mangan 12:57

    Josh Tostado (geared) 13:03

    Matt Fletcher (geared) 13:03

    Cat Morrison (geared) 13:22

    Brad Mullen (geared) 13:22

    Greg Bachman 13:34

    Cullen Barker (geared) 13:53

    Andrew Carney (geared) 13:53

    Matt Hayden (geared) 14:35

    Craig Tuttle (geared) 14:40

    Adam Lisonbee (geared) 14:50

    Tom Purvis (geared) 14:50

    Tim Markel (geared) 17:36