• Moab Rim Ride: Thursday Spin

    Moab Rim Ride: Thursday spinCarney and myself loaded up the Ergon FJ and rolled out of FC at 8 AM. When we left is was snowing like crazy and a balmy 32 F degrees. Six hours later we arrived in Moab. Sunny and 65 F.

    Moab Rim Ride: Thursday spinWe decided to head out for about 60 minutes of light spinning to shake out the legs.

    Moab Rim Ride: Thursday spinWe rolled out on the first 7 miles of the race on Saturday. It's mostly bike path/gravel to the entrance of the Bar M Loop. It's pretty mellow gradual climb to the trail head...nothing too tough.

    Moab Rim Ride: Thursday spin
    Then turned around and glided back down into Moab. Tomorrow will be a bit more of the same with a few hard bursts to blood flowing really good and to blow out any lactic build up.