• Moab Rim Ride: Lodging & Pre Ride

    Moab Rim Ride:  LodgingCheck out our lodging for the days we are here. It's less than 300 yards from the start/finish of the Rim Ride. And it sleeps 20 people comfortably. Ok, not really. But it is roughly the same price as pitching a tent in these parts, plus it has wifi and electricity. Not bad gig in my mind.

    Moab Rim Ride:  LodgingThe inside as lush wood grain floors, central air/heat, and 1800 thread count Egyptian sheets. It even smells of pine trees for that fresh mountain feel.

    Moab Rim Ride:  LodgingThe kitchen and cupboard space is more than enough for 2 mountain bike dirt balls. You should see the bathroom and shower. I'd show it to you....if there was one in our camp condo. Kidding aside, this is more than enough to keep us comfy and happy leading up to the event tomorrow.

    Moab Rim Ride: Course Pre-Ride
    Later on in the AM Carney and myself ran out the 1/2 way mark of the route and stashed about 420 oz of water in the bushes. Think of it as an insurance policy. If we need it....we fill our hydration bladders and bottles. If not, we simply dump the water and bring the platypus bladders back with us (late edit: see bottom of post). Once we got back to camp from stashing water, we dialed the bikes and got fully loaded to do a test run with full equipment and weight. This gave as a chance to see if the bikes pressures were dialed for the course.

    Moab Rim Ride: Course Pre-Ride
    All of this, plus 100 oz bladder are going in my BD2 pack....maybe a bit more. You are looking at roughly 4,000 calories. Might add and subtract some different food choices. Think small samples of PB & J with banana squished between two chunks of bread. Mmmm, delightful.

    Moab Rim Ride: Course Pre-RideDave Nice met up with us for the pre ride. We did and out and back of the first 10 miles...roughly...of the race. Which I might add will be done in the dark. As usual, Dave is going 100% fixed for the 100 miles.

    Moab Rim Ride: Course Pre-RideHe is the junction of Bar M Trail and Rock'n A Trail. Not a bad view I must say.

    Moab Rim Ride: Course Pre-RideRock'n A Trail is slick rock...just follow the red A's. You get lost...you are an idiot. I say that, and now I am probably going to get lost here. Doh.

    Moab Rim Ride: Course Pre-RideMy bike ended up being dialed right on the nose for all the weight I am carrying. I also felt really good on the pedals...legs are light and snappy. Nothing more to do now than rest and get some good food in the system. I leave you with the above picture of Fixie Dave descending back into Moab.

    Late edit: Appears that water cannot be "dropped." Looks like we will be going back out and picking it up this PM. Got to play by the rules.

    Late late edit: Water has been intercepted, removed, and emptied at 5:10 MST