• Moab Rim Ride: Ride report

    The Rim Ride: Ride DayI have come to the conclusion that this post would be to time consuming to type up if I did a blow-by-blow account. So, I will just cut to the point and highlight some of the photos. I ended up finishing 3rd overall...1st geared bike...with a finishing time of roughly 10 hours and 40 minutes. Rode pretty much the entire route with Dave and Lynda. The 3 of us sat in about 4, 5, and 6th place until the 50 mile mark and then were able to gap the other riders on the road. The last 50 miles ended up being the toughest and most brutal riding in the event. Lots of rock drops, sand, and sketchy sections. It wasn't until about 15 miles from the end did I loose separation with Dave and Lynda due to a flat tire. And, because of the nature of the terrain, making up time was impossible. Plus, throw in the fact I got turned around once which add about 15 minutes of "which way do I go" time.

    My Nutrition Intake
    190 oz of water/sports drink
    20 oz of Coca-Cola
    6 Power Bars
    5 Reese's PB Cups
    6 Endurolyte pills

    The Rim Ride: Ride Day6:15 AM start

    The Rim Ride: Ride DayEarly hours of the event on Sovereign Trail.

    The Rim Ride: Ride DayRolling behind the Monitor and Merrimac buttes.

    The Rim Ride: Ride Day
    Out on Hwy 313, where we got our gap into a headwind. This is about 50 miles into the route.

    The Rim Ride: Ride DayGold Bar is rough and in some case dangerous. You got to stay out of the holes and crevasses.

    The Rim Ride: Ride DayGold Bar is also STEEP! Notice the jeep at the top of the climb.

    Rim Ride elevation profileHere is the elevation profile off my Suunto T6 for the entire route.

    My ride was good. I felt good, strong, and comfortable the entire time. My new fit to my bike had me dancing on the pedals. It wasn't until I was playing catch up to Dave and Lynda did I really feel that I was having to dig deep. The icing on the cake? Top 3 riders on Ergon grips. Dave and Lynda were on GE1's with GR2 barends and I was on the GR2 with carbon barends.

    I have over 50 pictures posted HERE.