• Gearing up for Moab

    2 Hour Zone 2 TempoShort 2 hour ride today to get the legs ready for the Rim Ride. Headed out for 2 intervals. First interval was 20 minutes at roughly 280 watts and the second was another 20 minutes at 290 watts. Both of these little sessions are letting the legs get opened up for this weekends Rim Ride. Weather is most excellent today with highs pushing into the low 70's. Speaking of weather....Moab also looks good. But, my fingers are still crossed, as every time I visit a desert like environment it rains/snows.

    280 wt & 290 wt intervalsFor those that are into looking at the power files (and there are a lot of you)....here it is. Interesting to note that after the fit on Monday, it is easier to maintain a consistent power level. The spikes today during the intervals were very minimal. Me happy.

    Rest of the day is going to be spent getting things packed up and getting the bikes dialed. I have new stems coming in from Thomson that need to be installed today, as well as some bottle cages, and a clever light mount set up. Then tomorrow in the AM, Carney and myself are bolting for Moab in the AM.

    Updates should come from the road. I believe there is free wifi at our lodging choice.