• Pre-Saturday shake down

    Shake down
    It's not that often that you go out on a Friday to give the legs a pre-workout shake down for and up and coming training ride. But, tomorrows Oval Group Ride is going to be one of the hardest days on the bike this year. Some of the top mountain and road cyclist in the country...if not the World...will be there to test their early season fitness. For me, I am hoping for a good 4 hour session without getting shot out the back a bunch of times. Or, if I do, I can dig deep and get back on. I have a few things up my sleeve for tomorrow, but the route and group speed will dictate my decisions.

    Shake downCan't complain about the weather right now in CO either. With temps in the mid 50's, more bike time is better. This weekend is back to back hard 4 hour days. Come Monday, the workouts prescribed by Coach will have my licking my wounds.