• Locked and loaded

    Loaded up for 24 Hr Old PuebloHow much stuff can you fit inside a Toyota FJ Cruiser? About as much as you see in the above picture. For the last 2 days, I have organizing and packing for the first Ergon road trip of the year. And making and list....and checking it twice...

    Ergon Tent? Check.
    4 cement blocks to hold tent down? Check.
    Ergon promo product? Check.
    Race clothing, spare parts, lights, and nutrition? Check.
    A whole bunch of Topeak gear? Check.
    Two Topeak-Ergon team bikes? Check.
    Three tables? Check.
    GPS loaded with addresses? Check.
    Charged and loaded iPod? Check.
    Civilian clothing? Check.
    Camping equipment? Check.
    One small burrowing creature, fire source, and a clown nose? Um, no.

    Between all the stuff and the inside, and all the stuff in the Thule cargo box, I am loaded down for the trip to Tucson tomorrow AM. Up and the crack on dawn.....throw the bikes on the roof.....and off I go!

    24 Hr Old Pueblo weatherLooks like the weather is going to cooperate with the weekend. It's not as warm as it could be....but I am not complaining at all. The race should be interesting. We had some developments last night which might make me and DJ axe the Duo team and join Pua, Ron Sawicki, and Dave Wiens on a 5-Man team. I am all for that, cause we can then operate the Ergon promo tent during the event and get a little shut eye from time to time. We'll find out once we get to the event.

    That is all. Updates to follow on the road as access allows.