• Back to the routine

    Recovery rideFor some reason, the road trip to and from AZ seemed long. In fact the entire road trip seemed longer than most. I think a lot of it had to do with the weather once things got underway at the 24 Hours Old Pueblo. Being stuck in the RV for all of Friday didn't help much either.

    Anyway, I am back home and back to my daily routine. My routine, I need. Mostly, to keep on top of e-mails and other little odd ball tasks. I was email-less for 4 days, and that resulted in about 3 hours worth of answering e-mails once I sat down and got to it.

    I was also able to get back on the bike. Nothing major, just a little 1 hour light spin to aide in the recovery process from pegging it at 24 HOP. This weekend, bike practice it going to get stepped up a notch with 8 hours of training. Saturday is looking to be the Oval Ride and Sunday is a 4 hour zone 3 tempo. Saturday should be interesting. The Oval Ride is "the ride" to do if you want to suffer. Should be interesting to see how long I can last.

    On a side note, the Topeak-Ergon training camp got postponed due to cold and nasty weather in southern Germany. Now it looks like I am back to my normal plans of heading to Seattle in the first weekend of March for the Seattle Bike Expo.