Lining up for the start of the Firecracker 50 in Breckenridge, CO.
    Racing for Giant back in the day.
    Picture is circa 2003.

  • Sorry, no content for today. Did the AM weight session, and that is about it. I have some crap to take care of. Nothing to vent about. Just counting the days to Feb 13, and that first ride outside. Talk about good timing.


    Topeak-Ergon keeps signing more, and more riders! Full story here...and it has been translated via Google. Is this Sloane's Euro clone? Maybe.

  • Did you know, that the Trans-Iowa course is set in stone. I now get the honor of typing them into cue sheet format. Let the hard work begin.

    Did you know, the finger I broke on Oct. 7 is still not 100% healed. I go to the Dr. every 4 weeks for x-rays. It is healing, and getting better. The Dr. said that on average fingers and similar bones take almost 1 year to fully heal. It appears swollen still, but what makes it look fat is the metal hardware under the skin. At least I can use it as I did before I broke it.

    Did you know, as I type this it is -1 F outside. The windchill is -25F. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Did you know endurance superstar Mark "ink man" Hendershot got his ride stolen Down Under? Check it out!!!

    Did you know that, I am working on finishing up a few graphic design projects? One is a logo for a local triathlon, and the other for a cycling related business that is sure to be punk rock all the way. ROCK N ROLLLLLLLLLLLL!

    Did you know that the Euro pro road scene as started? Check it!

    Have you been into Europa Cycle and Ski lately? Did you know we have tons of new bikes instock. High end road bikes, a full line of 29ers, etc, etc, etc. Get it now, cause come Spring the stuff will be flying off the shelf.

    That is all. Time to bundle up and hike it to the YMCA to spin my brain to mush.

  • Almost time to move into move into the next phase of training. This is the final week of Max Strength. The transition from big gear and heavy weight will soon become explosive power, intensity, and endurance using about 50% of the weight achieved in MS phase. This next phase is the most important in my mind. The body will learn to adapt to extreme stress, the blood will flow like a fine wine, and the anaerobic system will start to get a taste of the 2007 season. Right now, things are on track for a good season.

    Speaking of season, as I sit here and type this, the temp outdoors is 10 F. Over the next week or so, the forecast highs are to hover right near 15 F with lows in and around -8 F. DAMN! Makes that walk to the YMCA at 7:30 a bit brisk. To add to the misery here in the cold, the Topeak-Ergon team manager set an e-mail telling us where we will be staying during training camp. DAMN! Mid-Feb can't come soon enough.

    Come Friday, that g'hog better not see his shadow. Word.

  • The Wisconsin Endurance Mountainbike Series has a new website. Click the picture above to check it out. Also, I might add that they added a new event.....a 100 miler on August 11. Yeah, it's the same day as the Leadville 100 but it's 9 hours closer to home, roughly $200 cheaper, and 99.9% more singletrack. Not to mention breathing will be easier. Should be a good kick in the nuts!
  • Squish. Squish. That was the sound coming from my cycling shoes after today's bike session. At least no sufferage squirted out of the shoes onto the floor en-route to the locker room. Give'r!

    Finally, got to give a shout out to the local flavor competing in CX World's this weekend. Unleash it!!!!

    Did you know there is primo ice climbing right outside of Waterloo/Cedar Falls?

  • OK, so that one bike race ride that fuels the cycling economy in Iowa is coming to town on July 25th. It a bit of mixed emotions from me personally. It's great for the town. Great for the local economy, and really great for the local bike shop. Have to make sure to plan a trip far, far, far away for when the circus comes to town. If you don't live in Iowa you don't understand. In Iowa, people think the Tour de France and RAGBRAI are the same thing. Really, they do. Hold on tight, July 25 is going to be a bumpy alcoholic haze.

    What else is there....

    Fresh tires and brakes on the Mazda P5 as of yesterday. Got the work done at Tuffy's. Everything about the experience was awesome....customer service, price, and their ability to keep me in the loop. Let's just say I'll be back.

    Monique Sawicki, wicki, wicki, wicki (that's fun to say) unleashed fury on a 12 hour event in SoCal last weekend. She set the course record, and won the solo womens AND MEN's solo race. All that was achieved with her mits firmly planted on a pair of Ergon's.

    For the love of God, find yer'self an event and achieve a goal!

    Training is rolling as planned. Did a killer 2 hour workout on the bike yesterday. Did power and climbing intervals. By the end of that workout I was fried. I can see results already form the work/effort being put in this off season. My fitness is where I need it for this time of year, and I am getting lean and mean. OK, not mean...but at least lean. I can't wait for the Mallorca trip. How many times am I going to say that till the day comes?

    That is all for now. Time to head off to the YMCA to lift some weights.

  • MTB Fest.

    2007 Midwest Mountain Bike Festival down in the Land of Lincoln.
    Click the pic to get the 411
  • ...for the season to start.
    ...for the new equipment to show up.
    ...to start traveling more.
    ...for the Sea Otter Classic
    ...to meet the entire Topeak-Ergon Team
    ...to have something productive to post.
    ...get my left index finger back to being 100% normal.
    ...to see who admits to drug use next in the cycling world.
    ...for USA Cycling to become better structured.
    ...for DQ to post something even more funny than his last post.

    Off to go spin.

  • image001

    OK, so this was sent to me via e-mail from an "undisclosed source" located in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area.

    Cough! John Eastland sent this. Cough, cough!

    Apparently this "source" thinks that I am prep'n for the up and coming training camp by snorkeling in the fresh Iowa snow with Ergon colored equipment. WTF!?

    Cough, cough! John Eastland sent it. Cough!

  • Hummus

    I could eat the whole thing in one sitting with a spoon.

  • yummy!

  • Ergon BD1
    Ergon BD1

    Ergon BD2
    Ergon BD2

    There is a story over on the German cycling site Bike Sport News. They have included some more recent pictures of the hydration packs coming out soon. Pictures are above, in Team Issue Green. The BD1 will retail for $139 and the BD2 for $159 in the USA. Also will be available in mens and womens specific sizes. And colors will include Black or Team Issue Green.

  • So I am going to get to help build the Ergon brand and image here in the States. It's going to be sweet, will the products that currently exist....and the ultra primo products coming out very soon. So you are sure to see me popping up at events to share the brand...and also coming to events to get my "race on."

    Right now I am kind'a planning out a way to hit up some early events to do both. I would like to go down to the Ouachita Challenge, and do some demoing of product during the Tour on Saturday, and then my let some others race with it on Sunday. Then, also on Sunday, I'll compete in the 60 mile race flying the new color for the Topeak-Ergon Team. Might even stay a few days longer to swing by some of the local shops in Hot Springs to head out with their staff and show them the product on their local singletrack.

    Next event would be the Dirt, Sweat, Gears 12 Hour in TN. Right now, I have in mind to go down a week early and compete at the Cohutta 100, which the opener for the NUE Series. After the event, I plan to do similar to the mentioned above. Maybe put a call out for a group ride and/or visit some of the larger shops in the area to gain interests for some fun in the woods. At the end of the week, I would then head over to the DSG 12Hr. Here I would not race, but pit for Sloane who is coming in from Bend. Sound like a plan?

    Of course all of this is a plan of action in my head. Can't forget, I have to throw in Sea Otter Classic in between those two. Maybe get in a little XC racing action myself in CA.

    So let's see how this all pans out....

    Finally, I submitted an article for Midwest Events Magazine as requested by the editor thanks to Twin-Six. They contacted me about writing a brief article about way I ride, and why I stay so "into" the sport. Simple. One word....PASSION. I'll keep you updated about time frame of when the publication goes to print.

  • Another week has begun. This past week was good on the training front. Today, I head back to the gym to finish up the tail end of my Max Strength Phase. A few more weeks, then I will head into the phase of Muscular Endurance. Think low weight will high reps. It will help to tone up and teach the body to displace lactic acid.

    I took Sunday off from any physical activity. Well, at least planned physical activity. We received another 5 or so inches of snow. So yesterday, I shoved out part of the driveway and the entire sidewalk. It was a bit tougher than last time since the temps were pretty warm. Took longer than expect, and I was a sweat heap when I got done. Oh well.

    So coming up in mid-Feb is the trip to Mallorca for the team training camp. Should be very exciting to meet some to teammates and see another part of the world. I am really looking forward to logging some huge miles if that option presents itself. Hell, look at this view!

    After Mallorca, it's straight back to Germany for the launch of the new Ergon facilities outside Koblenz. I am not really sure what to expect, but it will be cool to see how the brand is evolving. New products. Smart people. And passion for a sport that drives us all.

    Does it get any better?

  • Fumic

    Take it from the Fumic brothers. They have figured out how to market themselves. Good website, and a cocky attitude seem to be serving them well. I invite you to look around their site. Very well done. And kick ass black team kits to boot!

  • Pain is an interesting word. It means a lot of different things to different people. What's painful for one person, might not be for another. So what is your pain threshold? What's intersting is that you can train it. What hurt like hell 1 month ago, is now not as bad.

    Today's bike session was painful. 2 hours total, and a few times I felt like my head and heart were going to explode. One of the more interesting things is when the body automatically adapts to the pain and effort being given. During one interval the legs started to get heavy, then all of a sudden you kind'a hear the sound of when the TV signs off at night. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Then all of a sudden it stops, the legs feel good, and you legs start to tick over in a rythemn that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Now that is what I am talking about! Suffer! Suffer! Suffer!

    You get out of it what you put into it.

    Time to do some stretching and recovery.

    Off topic, but you need to check out the new website that was just launched for The Runner's Flat here in Cedar Falls. You have heard of custom bike fitting....they do it with shoes. Cool! Even more impressive is the stats of Scott and Sarah, the owners. Talk about people who have done and seen it all in the running world. They got street cred yo!

  • dblunges

    Here is a workout you can incorporate into your weight routine. I started this about 2 years ago during my weight sessions, and saw some good results in terms of pure strength, tone, and joint/muscle strength. What I do is hold a 12lb dumbbell in each hand. Then I do lunges non-stop for 10 minutes. I will do 3 sets with 5 min rest in between sets.

    That is all for today.

  • Back to the bike today. Approx 2 hours planned. First hour will be some simulated climbing work, followed by some intensity at about 70% of my max effort. My off season fitness building is coming along as planned. And should put me where I need to be for my first event. In case you are curious, I only ride 3 days a week this time of the year. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Once the temps get above freezing, my specific workouts will move outdoors.

    Other things to do today...

    1. Since we got all this snow, and our landlord did not plow or driveway, my car is stuck at the bottom of the driveway. Ugh! I need to get it out, and take it to get some gas and then look into options for new brakes and tires.

    2. Watch FedEx tracking is hopes of an early arrival of my new travel bag. Good and big, in case I have to smuggle him across the border. Looks like might be doing that a lot over the next year or so. Traveling....not smuggling.

    3. Book plane ticket to "the island".

    4. Be thankful for everything!

    Stay tuned, as the official press release for Sloane and myself joining the Topeak-Ergon team should be coming straight out of Deutschland soon.

  • NW: So, we have this barbaric idea to promote our new shoe.
    TB: Do I get to ride a yak?

    NW: No, Mr. Boonen, there will be no yak riding. But, we are going to have to ask you to put on this man-thong made from the hide of a Spanish field mouse.
    TB: Cool.
    NW: Then we are going to need you to put on this Conan suit worn during the filming of all 7 Conan movies. Don't worry abou the itching. We know it was never washed, and the rash which you will see in 2-4 weeks should disappear quickly. And nevermind the scaring.
    TB: OK. So, can I some more product for my hair?
    NW: Hairstylist!
    TB: When are you bringing in the yak?
    NW: No yak, Tom.

    To be continued...

    OK, is it just me, or is this picture kind of funny? Imagine walking into your LBS and having a life size Tom Boonen dressed up as a deer slayer.

  • Time to walk to the YMCA for my bike workout. Wonder how many layers I'll need...

  • First major snow storm of the year. Pretty much sucks now that we have like 6 inches of the crap on the ground. This means temps will now be colder. But, I cannot complain, 'cause my day was made a whole hell of a lot better when I woke up to an e-mail telling me to get my butt HERE in mid-Feb for a week of team meet-n-greet and a photo shoot. Hell yeah!

  • It's Sunday...my day off from physical activity this time of year. As I sit here and type this, winter is finally showing itself. We are in a "Winter Storm Watch", and the temps are hovering right near 20 degrees. Not to mention we finally have enough snow to cover the ground. Bummer.

    Sorry for the lack of content, but not much going on right now. Just working on a few things related to "work and pleasure." Which, if all goes as planned should make for a very exciting summer.

    Speaking of summer, do you want some hours at a bike shop? Now's your chance! Don't even have to be technically savvy....just have a passion for bikes and the sport. Not to mention, you might get to breathe the same air as Guitar Ted.

    Oh, and did you know that one of my roommates watches an estimated 10 hours of TV a day. That's funny, cause his family has expressed verbally that I waste my life away on a bicycle, and that it will never amount to anything. In fact numerous people have said that. Err.

    Here is a new t-shirt for your next bike oriented event. Be a good one for Interbike...or even the podium. You can buy this shirt here.

    Over and out.

  • Slaone's site

    My teammate, Sloane Anderson, got himself a new website. It's very well done! Click the picture above and check it out. Don't forget to update your bookmarks.

  • Well, what do you know. It looks like we are going to have winter after all. I was start'n to think we might make it through the next 2 months without any of the white stuff. Dang.

    Just got back from the YMCA doing my bike work. 2 workouts were scheduled. First one involved a 15 minute warm up followed by 1 hour of climbing. How's that work you ask? Well, every 10 minutes I turn the resistance knob on the spin bike one complete turn to make it tougher. I focus on form, breathing, and leg speed. By that last 10 minutes I feel like I am going to die, but the gains that I see in the Spring from this work out are amazing!

    Next up was the 1 hour spin class. More of the same. Almost like a race, cause the instructor dictates when to go fast or slow. It's hard not to go 100%. I want to, but it's only Jan. I need to chill a bit. Baby steps. April 1 is still alooooooooong ways away.

    I wonder what Dirtram is up to these days?

  • Few hot links for you, that are now linked in my sidebar.

    Chris Ploch: Look'n to shred legs in '07...just like in past years.

    IF Colt: CX nazi trying to get to you and that booty.

    Scott Cole: Recent enduro nut-job cross over.

    Lee Unwin: I ride long time in Cheeseconsin. Recent addition to Van Dessel factory team.

    Toni Lund: Finland is for lovers.

    In personal team news....

    The 2007 Topeak / Ergon team will keep their feet happy with the recent sponsor support of Lake Shoes. Mmmmmmmmm, can you say custom molded foot beds?


  • Recovery

    Two hours of speed work today at the YMCA. Nothing like spinning a 50lb flywheel to work on getting those fast twitch muscles heading in the right direction for the '07 season. All that spinning followed by a movie and elevated legs. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

    Todays random Spin Class banter...
    Instructor: "Do you do RAGBRAI?"
    Me: "Not so much."

  • If you have not seen CRANK you need to take some time and do so. It's very "hyperactive." Non-stop go, go, go. I watched it last night via my computer, and was totally into it! Lind of like the non-traditional film approach to it. Kinda trip'y. Here is a little secret...you can watch it right here. Enjoy!

    Not really work safe or something you'll want to curl up on the couch with the children to watch.

  • Current internal thought....
    "I wish I could go to a warm exotic climate and do nothing but ride for a week or 2."

    Back to normal programing....
    2007 Iowa Mountain Bike Series was announced. Below is the schedule with events spanning the entire State. I might add to pay special close attention to race #2, which will be produced by Buchanandale. If you did it last year...YOU WILL BE SURPRISED! More single track, and a few things up our sleeves.

    April 15 - IMBCS #1 – Sylvan Island, Moline, IL

    May 6 - IMBCS #2 – Camp Ingawanis, Waverly, IA
    May 12 & 13 - IMBCS #3 - Sockum Ridge State Park Stage Race
    May 20 - IMBCS #4 – Seven Oaks Ski Area, Boone, IA
    June 9 - IMBCS #5 – Lewis & Clark Monument, Council Bluffs, IA
    June 24 - IMBCS #6 – Kendall Young Classic, Webster City, IA
    July 14 – IORCA / Iowa Games MTB Race – Peterson Pits, near Ames, IA
    August 19 – IMBCS #7 – Sugarbottom Recreation Area, North Liberty, IA
    September 1 & 2 - IORCA 24 Hours of Seven Oaks
    September 16 - IMBCS #8 – Oleson Park, Ft. Dodge, IA
    September 23 - IMBCS #9 – Sycamore TT, Des Moines, IA

    (Click picture. Make big.)

    Also, as requested by the million of you via this blog and my Inbox, here are the weights of the 2007 grips to be offered by Ergon.

    Men's Grips
    R2 M Grip Race2 Men (Magnesium):
    R1 M Grip Race Men (Alu): 282g
    P1 M Grip Performance Men (Alu): 208g
    R2 M-T Gripshift® Grip Race2 Men for GripShift: 280g
    R1 M-T Gripshift® Grip Race Men for GripShift: 252g
    P1 M-T Gripshift® Grip Performance Men for GripShift: 172g
    R2 M-T Nexus Grip Race Men for Nexus/Rohloff-shifters: 303g
    R1 M-T Nexus Race Men for Nexus/Rohloff-shifters: 271g
    P1 M-T Nexus Grip Performance Men for Nexus/Rohloff-shifters short: 190g

    Women's Grips
    R2 W Grip Race2 Women (Magnesium): 284g
    R1 W Grip Race Women (Alu): 246g
    P1 W Grip Performance Women (Alu): 172g
    R2 W-T Gripshift® Grip Race2 Women for GripShift: 260g
    R1 W-T Gripshift® Grip Race Women for GripShift: 226g
    P1 W-T Gripshift® Grip Performance Women for GripShift: 158g
    R2 W-T Nexus Grip Race Women for Nexus/Rohloff-shifters: 272g
    R1 W-T Nexus Race Women for Nexus/Rohloff-shifter: 236g
    P1 W-T Nexus Grip Performance Women for Nexus/Rohloff-shifters: 165g

    E1-Small Enduro Unisex size S: 146g
    E1-Large Enduro Unisex size L: 182g
    GX1 aluminium clamp: 135g
    GX2 magnesium: TBA
    GX2 carbon: 185g

    If you have any questions, post a comment.


  • So, anyone wanna buy my 2002 Mazda P5 so I can get one of these little petite things? The more I look at pictures of the Yaris, the more I must have it! But, I would require a lovely shade of black. Of course.
  • No much to report today.

    I started my next phase of weight lifting today: Max Strength. Wasn't as bad as I remembered it to be in previous years. That's a good thing.

    For some reason the YMCA was a sauna today. It was sooooooo hot in there. Surprise nobody hit the deck from heat exhaustion. I did my 30 minute warm up on the stairmaster and ended the session as a sweaty heap. Not to mention my traditional pool of sufferage sitting on the ground below me. I bet I easily could have filled a 20 oz. water bottle with the sweat exerted from the warm up. Damn!

    Now I need to throttle down the fluids, to make up for the lose.

    Tomorrow is leg speed work. Two to 3 hours of glorious spinning!

    A good bet...keep an eye on him this year.

  • Saturday I was up at 5:30 AM for a massive spin bike workout. I hit the early AM coffee and small bowl of oatmeal, then walked the 1.5 miles to the YMCA to get my sweat on. I started on the bike around 7 AM and did some leg speed drills. You know...the kind where your legs burn like hell, then eventually go pain-fee cause you turn your brain off. Yeah, like that. So from 7:00 till about 8:15, I did my own thing on the bike while being motivated by the tunes being pumped out of the recently acquired iPod Nano...[insert funky techno beat here]

    At 8:15, I refilled my 2 waterbottles with water and ELETE and then headed downstairs for the 8:30 Spin Class. Big group on Saturday. All 20 or so bikes were occupied by like minded folks. The workout was only 1 hour, but I thought I was going to die on that bike. Maximum exertion was achieved for this time of the year. Went just hard enough, to help the body grow & adapt on its effort.

    Another week down. A bunch more to go.

  • Is that what I had? I am not sure, but I can tell you that that is the sickest I have been in along time. I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy. Wait, I don't have any enemies. Anywho, just hope you don't get what I had. I have never shivered so hard in my life while sitting in bed. Seems, like it is going away. I got a ton of sleep last night, compared to the 5 hours of sleep the night before. So, today I am going to just chill out...maybe go for a walk. I could go do my weight session at the YMCA, but I am going to take one more day off to make sure the virus is totally out of the system. No reason to dig a deep hole.

    Other tidbits o' information....
    The Ultra Mountian Bike Series posted it's 8 race schedule. Looks to be some epic venues. I have to tip my hat to them for actually having events all over the USA rather than just the West coast. I, personally, am going to be eye'ing some of these events. Should be great events to show off the Ergon products...such as the backpack!!!

    I got some new kicks. Love the Salomon's! Good for summer....good for winter. Fresh.

    That's all for now.

  • Cold sweats.
    Do you know how nasty spinach salad looks after you yack it up?
    No energy.
    Body aches.
    Went from feeling 100% at 10 AM to complete and utter hell by 1:30.
    Hope it don't last long.

    On a side note, I see that non-UCI 24 Hour Solo World's is being held at Laguna Seca Raceway in Cali on September 1 and 2, 2007.


  • Choo, choo! Full steam ahead! The turn over to the new year has thing coming into place at a rapid pace now. My situation with Ergon here in the USA should be finalized this week. I am pretty excited about this opportunity, as I totally believe in the range of products...and the people who are involved in the brand have their heads on straight and are very passionate about bikes. More to come....

    Also, as mentioned before, this year brings a new team. Sloane and myself have merged the CatEye Enduro team into the German based Topeak-Ergon team. Looks to be about 7 to 8 of us on the team. Two of us here in the States, and the others will be in Europe. Look for the team at select USA events such as Sea Otter, and the UCI World Cup weekend at Angelfire, NM. Should get to meet the entire team here in mid-February, as there is a week long team training camp planned at an exotic warm location which I will announce later. Shhhhhhhhhhhh.....

    Now, it's time to continue with training. A few more days, and the weight workouts shift to the Max Strength phase. Then shortly after that, it's time to morph the bike workouts.

    Can't wait!

  • Five hours of glorious Iowa gravel. We had no snow on the ground, when I went to bed, but when I woke up there was just enough around to make everything white. The Gravel Goo Ride starred Guitar Ted, Buchanandale, Ron Saul, Casey Dean, and had a special guest appearance by John Adamson. Here is a smattering of some ride pictures from our 5ish hour ride in 30 degree temps.

    Conversation before the ride, via Blue.
    This is pretty scary.

    The crew heading out of town to the West on the bike trail.

    The early AM gravel was a bit slick due to the ice under the small dusting of snow.
    Did you know that Guitar Ted gets all of Mario's hand-me-down cycling clothes?

    Ron doing his part to "up" the moisture content of the Iowa soil.
    Better read this, Ron.

    Casey doing the same.
    At least it's not this!

    Just outside of Parkersburg.

    Stopped in Parkersburg to get the nutrition essentials.
    "Excuse me miss, where the hell are the Dirty Debbies, man beverages, and processed meat products?"

    3 for $1, can't pass that up!

    Back on the road to Cedar Falls and Waterloo.

    A Vulcan salute?

    Mid-day sun made the roads a mud pit!
    It makes me hungry for this...

    I call this piece... "Soiled Salsa"

    One of my training secrets....riding in the ditch.
    Casey following suit on the 2007 Salsa Dos Niner.
    Feel the burn!
    Here is Iowa's worst ditch encounter, that we DID NOT come upon.

    Thats a wrap.
    Nothing but smiles today.
    Thanks guys!!!!