• Holiday Candy

    I am back in the Fort after a brief 20 hour round trip to Minnesota and back for an early family X-mas. It was a good break from the training grind and any work related chores. Weather was really cold.....or at least colder than it has been in Colorado. With wind chills near -15 degrees F outdoor time was very slim. Rest of the days were spent watching marathon sessions of Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel and avoiding Holiday sugar items. I did have some pie...so sue me. It was pumpkin. That's healthy..........[dramatic pause]...........right? That is what I thought. Oh, and by the way, Chuck Norris is soooooo yesterday. Bear Grylls is the new tough-ass on the block. With a name like Bear....you might as well be called Thor, God of Lightning....or something tough like that.

    CandyWell, I guess I can say I did have some Candy. A box of pedals was sitting on the door step from Crank Brothers when I got home. I am totally love'n my Crank Bros. road pedals I purchased a few months ago. So, I decided that my current 5 year old Shimano's needed to be replaced. Over next few days, I'll get these installed an ready for Camp Lynda and the rest of the 2008 racing campaign. Speaking of Camp Lynda....if you need to get in a 3 day desert riding binge, this is your ticket. It's a no-nonsense self-supported training mission. Currently there is upwards of 20-30 people rumored to be attending. All the details are here.