• Waterloo, Ft. Collins, Moab

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    Traveling again. This time, it's for the last major road trip of the 2007 season. I am on my way to Moab for the 24 Hours of Moab. No, I am not racing....but rather putting out the Ergon vibe in the desert. On the way to Moab, I am stopping in Ft. Collins....where I am typing this.....to take a break from the car, ride the road bike with some chix, and organize some things before the move here next week. Last night, I did a little back country camping in what will be my bedroom in a few weeks. The hike in was tough....up some stairs via the parking lot of Corbett Dr. It is nice. Rest of the day is pretty up in the air: run to the store, ride the bike, get ready for an early AM departure to the high desert. I am betting a good podium turn out for Ergon USA athletes....just you wait!