• Dirty Hundy Sunday ride report

    Kat, John, Mike, and myself rolled West out of Cedar Falls around 7 AM for a planned 100ish mile gravel grinder. Couldn't beat the weather....warm, south wind, and a chance of heavy rain.

    DSCF0007.JPGTeam tactics playing a roll? No, not really. The Bike Tech Team was in full force today on their CX bikes. Me, I opted for the mnt bike. My CX bike is on it way though.

    DSCF0011.JPGFirst pit stop on the way South of town was Casey's in Reinbeck. Bottles were filled, and food was consumed.

    DSCF0012.JPGSome decided calories were severely need. Me, I had my little 'ole Power Bar. Others made me look like a light weight with their super-size Rice Krispy Treats.

    DSCF0016.JPGOut of Reinbeck and we headed South. Wind was really kicking up now. Straight into our grills at around 15-20 mph.

    I was at a disadvantage over the rest of the riders in the group. Comfort was not an issue. Now, rolling resistance was another thing.

    DSCF0023.JPGThe Bike Tech hurt train...CHOO! CHOO!.... rolling on Ridge Road towards Traer. Doesn't look like Iowa....well, at least when you compare it the the rest of the ride. Downhill, trees, and a curve in the road....CRAZY!

    DSCF0027.JPGVintage iron bridge on the out skirts of Traer.

    DSCF0033.JPGTraer was the last town before we rolled back into Waterloo/Cedar Falls....30ish miles away. We all made one last effort to get in the calories and fill bottles. I look at this picture....and debate which treat to consume while typing this post? The Nut Roll or the Reese's Pumpkin treat? I say Reese's. Peanut butter always wins in my book.

    DSCF0034.JPGKat scopes out the pizza and other processed meaty products covered in cheese and God knows what. "Excuse me, Miss. Can I buy just the sausage off this pizza?"

    DSCF0037.JPGMike was smart. He bought the cheesy sausage biscuit delight. It's wrapper also doubled as a space blanket. You never know riding in Iowa...

    Bike Tech in tow heading North towards Waterloo......and the rain!

    DSCF0045.JPGThis is how we motor pace in Iowa. Also doubles as good dust tolerance training for the 24 Hours of Moab.

    DSCF0047.JPGThis ended up being the last photo I took. I put the camera into a zip-lock bag in anticipation of getting soaked. Lucky us, the rain fell before we got to it.

    Ended up being a good ride. I ended up close to 80 miles only having consumed 2 Power Bars and four 24 oz bottles of NUUN, and ELETE. Rest of the ride pictures are posted HERE. Also, don't forget the play-by-play on the BT blog.