• Vapor Trail Spin Out.

    DSCF0002.JPGDave and myself headed out today for a 3 hour spin around to keep the legs feel'n fresh for Saturday's midnight start of the Vapor Trail. This was a good time to get the bikes dialed before heading to the race course tomorrow for some time on the Colorado Trail.

    DSCF0004.JPGFor those of you not in-the-loop....this race is hard. Dave wants to make it really hard. So, he is running a fixed gear mnt bike for the event. Notice his perfect downhill technique in the picture above. INSANE!!!

    Today's ride was pretty simple. Just a solid 2 hours of going up on some old mining roads.

    Looking behind me is Salida, CO way down in the distance.

    At the farthest point form the hotel on the ride we had a brief lunch before turning around to descend back to town.

    DSCF0013.JPGMy equipment is 100% dialed!

    DSCF0018.JPGIf you come to Salida....you have to stop at Absolute Bikes. It's one of the top stores in the USA!!