• Vapor Trail 125 is a GO!

    T-minus 15 hours and counting until the start of 125 miles of high alpine racing. Gun goes off at Midnight from downtown Salida, CO for the Vapor Trail 125. Looks to be a good stacked field of ultra-endurance super freaks. Most of the names are unkown outside of this little world of ultra racing.....but it should make for a good race. For me, I am shooting for a sub 15 hour finishing time. Of course, weather will play a huge role. There has been some small chit-chat about rain and/or snow. Dang.

    You can follow along on the Vapor Trail website....
    Race blog
    Race results
    3D Map

    Now it's time to do a light spin, relax, and sip down a few cold ones. Full details to come late Sunday or sometime on Monday.