• Ride'n the Foothills

    I told you there was bike lanes on just about every street. This makes for a smooth transition to the foothills from the far eastern edge of town where I am staying.

    DSCF0001.JPGOnce to the far western edge of town the houses stop and the dirt path begins to take you up...

    DSCF0002.JPGand up.....

    and up...

    DSCF0007.JPGOnce you get to the top, you can look west and see Horsetooth Reservoir. Just beyond the foothills on the other side of the reservoir is Rocky Mnt National Park.

    DSCF0008.JPGFrom the same spot as above, but looking East....you can see Iowa, Nebraska, and parts beyond.

    The trails don't stop there....you can drop down to find miles upon miles of rocky buff singletrack. Not to mention the miles on the opposite side!

    And then drop back down into town dodging runners, hikers, and small grassland creatures.