• Race Report: Colesburg 40

    Pre-race gel consumption.

    With all the down-bike-time do to Eurobike, I needed to open up the legs and blow out some carbon. I wasn't sure how my legs would react to 6 days of standing at Eurobike and the travel associated with it. So, I saddled up at the Colesburg 40. The race is small and local. But don't let that fool ya. Nasty gravel and insane climbing make this 40 mile loop of doom a painful trip on the hurt train.

    About 50ish or so folks toed the line at 10 AM for the start. Interesting fact about this race is that its a great tune up for the Cheq. Fat Tire 40 in WI. So most folks are here for that reason. And, this is an insane tandem race as well. Infact it suits them well, as they descend a lot faster than a person on a single....not to mention go faster on the flats.

    The race started as a roll-out. I maintained my front spot in hopes of getting a chance at the opening preem for the first person to the top of the first major climb. We came to the climb and I went to work settling into my pace. I was surprised as I opened up good gap. Half way up, the Eppen tandem caught up to me. We then swapped positions, before I cam around them in the last 50 yards to take the preem. But as soon as I looked back the Eppen tandem went right by me. I was able to stay on their wheel for short while before they got away from me.

    For the next 5 miles I was by myself. I kept riding, but was not making up any ground. I looked back to see a tandem and 2 other riders coming. I lowed my pace and waited for them. As we descended a long hill, it was easy to see how the tandems had the edge. They would pull away so fast.. Going up hill, I could gain time....but only to be caught shortly after the hills crest. So, I stayed with this group for the remainder of the race.

    The weather at the event was warm....close to 95 degrees. For nutrition I was using the new SiS gels and electrolyte drink mix I picked up at Eurobike. I also added some ELETE to help deal with the heat. Nutrition was good until I ran out of water about 8 miles from the ended. I was hoping to have enough juice left to finish in 2nd overall in this race. But I was getting worried as I stopped sweating. DOH!

    Mmmmmmm, salty.

    At the last major climb 3 of us started at the bottom with the hopes of getting done first. First, the tandem went off the back.....then me. About 1/4 of the way up I started to cramp bad in my left thigh and my right foot. This allowed the rider in front of me to pull away. I started to slow....enough that the tandem caught me....and passed me. I was then left all alone. Once to the top, I saw that there was no way to catch the other riders in front. In fact, the tandem ended up catching the other guy to take 2nd overall behind the Eppen tandem. I finished 4th overall and 2nd in the single bikes. Not too shabby for low hours on the bike. If you have never done this event....YOU SHOULD!!! It's a good challenge in a State known for it's flatness and straight roads.

    Now it's time to head to CO and Interbike. I am leaving tomorrow to get the FJ wrapped....and then heading West. This weekend is the Vapor Trail 125. Should be a good way to top off a season.