• Bike Town?

    Fort Collins might be one of the most bike friendly towns I have ever been in. Almost every single street in town has a bike lane. Yes, I said bike lane. It's insane! Plus, throw on top of it a trail system similar to that of Waterloo/Cedar Falls.

    Yesterday, I got back on the bike and headed out for about 3 hours with Amanda and James from the CO State Cycling team. We took the mountain bikes out to the trails that roll around the reservoir on the west side of town. The trails rip! Lots of rocks and some techy sections at times. It's very cool to see lots of trail users as well....runners, walkers, hikers, and cyclist.

    Today will be more of the same. I am hoping to have pocket room for the camera this time around. Plus, I have a few other odds and ends to tend to. Looks like I might go the route of renting for 6-12 months to get a feel for the area before taking the plunge into the deep end and buying something.

    I am drunk on coffee. Free internet access + bottomless coffee cup = over stimulated senses thanks to Moxie Java.