• Banana Belt Loop

    Headed out today for the last major push before the Vapor Trail. Dave and myself hit up the 26 mile loop known as the Banana Belt. In fact, there is a race on this loop next week. And, after riding it.....I am thinking of coming back to give it a whirl.

    DSCF0007.JPGThe route started with about a 2,000 foot climb on some double track and fire road.

    DSCF0002.JPGSome vicious CO wildlife.

    DSCF0008.JPGThen it got just a bit steeper.

    DSCF0013.JPGThen we finally got to the singletrack which dotted the mountain side all the way back to Salida.

    DSCF0024.JPGDave knows how to ride the fixed gear. It's insane watching him ride over rocks and roots while descending.

    The final push back to town was a 2,000 foot drop on some loose fire road.

    Rest of the pictures are here.