• Ready for the 'Satch.

    Yesterday I left Waterloo at 4 AM with hopes of driving to about the midway point of Wyoming to camp. I had it all planned out. But upon getting to that location the skies darkened and the skies opened up. It rained so hard for so long that the driving speed of 75 mph went down to close to 30-40 mph for better part of 2 hours. There was also some flash flooding outside of Rock Springs, WY where the sludge rolled out of the mountains and onto I-80 causing another delay with shrubs and nasty mud covering the W bound lanes of the road. Needless to say that this heavy soaking put doom on the camping. So, I said screw it and drove the remainder of the way to Orem, UT to the hotel. I got in last night around 10 PM. Yeah, that is a solid 18 hour drive. What's the difference.....a 18 hr mnt bike race or an 18 hr car ride? Either requires much pain ans suffering. But at least I don't breathe hard while driving. This wasn't that bad as I got an excellent nights sleep and I am ready for a pre-ride/race spin. Stay tuned for more over the next week. Lots of pics from the Wasatch Classic and the activities surrounding OR and the launch of Ergon-Outdoor.