• Back...for alittle bit.

    Drove all day yesterday. Left at 5 AM from Breck, and got back to Iowa around 6 PM. Once I got home I quickly unpacked the FJ then headed up to Europa Cycle to put on the bike rack. Looks pretty cool....but I will need to grab a step ladder I think to help me get some stuff on top. I'll be able to give the rack it's first test tomorrow, as I am heading to the Ergon sponsored 12 Hours of Blue Mound outside of Madtown, WI.

    Today I have a bunch of stuff to do: clean bikes, spin the legs, run to the store, register FJ in Iowa. And prepare for my next challenge. The Vapor Trail 125 race is going to be my "death march" event of the year. This will be a good test of fitness, brains, and equipment. Time to prep.