• Slatyfork

    Wondered the 2.5 hour drive down to Slatyfork, WV. This place is a mountain bike mecca in the East. With over 200 miles of trail, and Snowshoe Mnt only a few miles away, you could ride yourself retarded over the span of a week and never see the same trail twice. So, I took the online advice of many and stopped at Elk River Touring Center to get the 411. I highly suggesting stopping here. They got all the goods to make the day/week on the trails a breeze.

    Just a small sampling of trails are shown on this sign. If you don't have the map....you will become "that guy" who gets lost in the woods and requires search and rescue.

    Out of the 4 hours I spent riding today....I can comfortably say all the trail looked like this. All you have to do is keep moving with some sort of momentum.

    Rock, rock, root, rock, mud, water, rock, dab, rock, root, root.
    Repeat for 4 hours.
    Riding this stuff is such a change. Singletrack back in the Midwest tends to be fast and flowy. This stuff is slow going and rough. You have to stay on top of the pedals or your face will meet Mr. Rock.

    There was a few spots outside of the trees where the views were priceless.

    A fork in the trail. Do I go straight? Or to the right?
    Rest of the pics are posted here.