• Rocking out at Big Bear.....literally.

    Not much going on today. Drove out to the 24 Hours of Big Bear venue to get a feel for things. First couple hours I was out there was spent helping Laird Knight (mastermind behind Granny Gear) getting things set up. After that it was a spin around the course. Out of all the trail I have ridden in Ohio and WV over the past week and a half.....this is the best. It has awesome flow. It's not muddy. Plus, the trail just screams "I have east coast flavor." Don't get me wrong, racing solo would hurt something fierce. A FS bike or a 29er is needed here. I did the 1 lap this afternoon, and I was kicked around pretty good. Slow and steady wins the race.

    Tonight.....supper with Ergon USA athlete, Sologoat. Should be good times.

    Tomorrow.....Set up the Ergon tent, and get in some pre-ride laps with some of the Ergon athletes.