• Race Report: Mohican 100


    Ouchy-wha-wha!!! What a tough, epic, and painfully bliss event. This course is what mnt bike used to be when I first started riding and racing. You know it's a good one when multiple times during the event you utter under your breath....."Are f'n kidding me?!" and "Holy Sh*t!!!!". You get to hike up the side of a dam. There are some creek crossings...but the bridges are missing, and you are forced to through your bike to the top of the bank....then scurry to the top. You also have a healthy dosage of rocks and roots. Don't like rocks and roots? Don't bother showing up.

    The race started at 7 AM. The gentle roll out for the first 7 miles....was ignored by 60% of the field....which then left me siting mid-pack going into the singletrack. One into the singletrack, I got on my way. First rock section hand me bobbling all over for the then dismount-to-run maneuvere. The first 35 miles of this race was singletrack...and I felt good.

    After the first 45 miles of the 100 mile race, is when things started to suck. Mentally I was good, but my power output was severely lacking. The course now switched over to farm road and double track. It was some nasty steep stuff also. During the next 40 miles of road to singletrack riding, I would spin away like a mad man to keep a respectable placing.

    With about 15 miles to go, I finally got my legs back and was able to take up more positions on slowing racers. In the end, I ended up in like 21st place out of 100 or so racers that started. My finishing time was just over 9 hours. The winner, Mr. Eatough, threw down a winning time of 7 hours!!!!

    Random race thoughts and observations....
    - Weather was to my liking with highs near 86 degrees with high humidity.
    - 1:00 PM brought scattered heavy rainfall from some freak pop-up thunderstorms
    - Ergon grips all over the place!!! Podium spots dominated by Ergon athletes.
    - Ran my LAKE MX230 shoes in anticipation of the hike-a-bike sections. Good call!!!
    - Ran the BD1 pack all event. Worked like a charm. Stops at aide stations where minimal.
    - Lots of DNF's. Among the bigger names....Tinker.
    - One missed turn. About 7 of us missed a corner that had the trail marking on the inside of the turn we were supposed to make. WTF? This added about an extra 15 min. to our race time.
    - One moment with the same 7 guys where we were like..."which way do we go?"

    I am cooked. Time to get ready for the Firecracker 50 in Breck., CO on July 4th

    Non racing race pictures are posted HERE.

    Results posted HERE.