• Pre-Mohican 100

    Wahoo! It's the Mohican 100. 100 miles of fun in the woods. I showed up to the venue around 3:30 to pick up registration and get a little course pre-ride in. Weather at the venue was a bit sketchy....warm, humid, and dark clouds rolling in.

    Sure enough, after I picked up my number....the skies unleashed the mother of all down pours. It rained hard for 20 minutes. Hard enough to cause little mini gully-washers in the parking lot and near the side of the Mohican hills.

    29? Is this a sign? Maybe....maybe not.

    Opting out of the muddy singletrack, I headed for the open rolling hills of the Ohio country side. The road cycling in this part of the country would be primo. For today on the mnt bike, it was all I needed to get in about 1 hour of ride time with some hard efforts thrown in.

    Race starts at 7 AM. I am out'a here at 4 AM for breakfast. Based on the super endurance freaks running around the venue today....tomorrow should be a good a good battle in the woods. Cows not included.