• Mt. St. Anne: The Grand Finale

    Things are finally settling down here in Canada. The booth was getting good business all day as the trial runs for tonights DH and 4-Cross Finals were bringing in large crowds. After things at the booth settled down, I suited up to hit up some of the runs with Kim, Wolfram, and Wolfram's personal assistant...Wolfgang. We stared things out right by heading straight to the top of the mountain.

    30 minutes of climbing.....and still going up.

    Views were awesome. Temps were around 68 degrees.
    And, 45 minutes later we are getting close to the top.

    At the top is where the DH'ers where getting their freak on. Times for these guys and gals to get to the bottom was right around 6 minutes.

    We decided to chill out at the cafe at the top of the hill. Juice, coffee, and some muffins got us good to go for our trip back down to the bottom on the "Red" diamond runs. The "Red" runs were about the only trails going down that didn't require more than 3 inches of travel to make it down with out dying. The trails were sweet with some little jumps and some minor "BC" style plank riding.

    Going up....
    All of us, except Wolfgang, where on the Rotwild carbon FS bike. This bike is pretty amazing. It only runs about 3 inches of travel...but it feels more like 5. Pretty plush and efficient.

    Tonight we finish things off right with a little party. Little is not the word to describe this shindig. They are expecting close to 3,000 people to show up. Here is alittle teaser....

    And some more pics.

    Tomorrow and Tuesday I drive home.
    One last thing....How big is this event? We'll the XC crowds say it all.