• More from Mt. St. Anne.

    Today was the first day of running the booth. Kind'a slow with it still being a weekday and the amatuer races going on. Tomorrow will bring bigger and better things.

    The ever popular Fumic brothers stopped by. These guys are a real treat I tell ya.

    Irina was in and out of the booth all day.

    Wolfram is shown here spinning the legs in prep for the course pre-ride today.
    You'll notice most of the riders are running the E1. This is because of the super technical nature of this course. Irina is the only one still running the GX2's on race day.

    Kim got his "race on" today. He lit up the field.
    Who is Kim you ask? He is the man behind 90% of the Ergon products...he designs a lot of it. Very, very, very smart guy.

    Ergon team green spokes laced into the Team's DT Swiss wheels.

    Prototype Conti tires. These looks sweet, and I am hoping to bring some back to the States for some up and coming events. High volume and super fast rolling.

    A white E1.
    You like?

    Tomorrow I pull dual duty. I will work the booth a bit and also work on-course feed and tech support.

    More pics here...