• Wind Burn.

    One word for the small group ride last night: Wind. All 30mph of it blowing out of the south. It was the kind of wind that makes riding down the road like riding-driving along off camber singletrack. Speeds with the tail wind were well over 30 mph with little to no effort. While heading south into the wind being able to keep it peg'd at 20 was a severe kick in the nuts.

    Last night for me, was a good night on the bike. Legs felt the snappiest they have in a loooooooooong time. I was light on the pedals and was able to keep any and all attacks in check. J. Fry made his triumphant return last night after his body meets pavement accident....and was as aggressive as ever. Buchanandale, Saul, and Striker each did there part to inflict pain on our little ride. Buchanandale even had a flyer into Janesville that had me grit'n my teeth trying to turn over the 53 T close to 42 mph to keep up.

    Once the ride was over it back home to follow up the ride with some post-ride nutrition that included Recover-Ease, and a plate of rice, veggies, and salmon.

    One last thing. If you are curious about endurance racing and riding at night, I highly suggest checking out the Branched Oak 12 Hour being this Saturday night. Located just north of Lincoln, NE it's a great event to get your suffer on.

    Hopefully it shows up today.

    OK, back to work.