• Thursday's Bits.

    Wednesday I did near 5 hours of saddle time. It was at about 70% of max. You know what I am talking about. That speed and effort where your body is telling you to stop and lactic acid is on the verge of invading your body. The last 30 minutes of that 5 hours was the CVC Wed Night 10 Mile TT....on the mnt bike...full knobbies...cause that's how I roll. Doing the TT I felt a bit sluggish, but my time was faster that last week...almost 1 min faster. If I recall right, my time last night was right near 27 min 30 secs....give or take.

    Today is prep. Prep for what you ask? Prep for the Platte River Marathon. It's a 6 hour event down between Lincoln and Omaha. I have labeled this event as a "B" level race. Yes, I want to do well...but, I have to keep things in perspective, as this event is a long distance high intensity effort for the up and coming Mohican 100. Plan now is to jet out of W'loo on Friday late morning and hit up some camping near the venue. Prolly will not do the group ride tonight...but rather spin the legs out riding in GW.

    Other bits....
    1. Just got word that the new Rotwild's are to ship out on Monday. I'm overly excited! Pictures to come!

    2. Ergon is going to take over Marathon Nationals in Breckenridge, CO!!! Race with Ergon? Be there! Many Ergon athletes are planning on attending. Lets flood the valley with green!

    3. New Ergon product is about to come Stateside. Prepare yourself. When I know....you'll know.

    It's always good to see the little people throw it down at a race! Jordan Watkins of the Ergon sponsored, Team EXPO, is off to a darn good start! WORS racers better "up" their training!