• Race Report: Branched Oak 12 Hour

    This is how we roll.

    Just got back from a 12 hour effort out in Nebraska. It was kind of a last minute decision. When you have a 12 hour race close to home....and it runs from 6 PM to 6 AM....you have no choice but to go. For some reason I dig the format at this event, choosing to run the event over the night hours versus the day light hours that we humans are so a custom to. The night time is the right time. The night time is the right time. The night time is the right time.

    My goals were simple: go for the win, and put out an effort just hard enough to stay fresh for next weekends Mohican 100. Mission was accomplished. Most of my laps were good, but there were about 4 out of my 17 laps that were nightmares. It was like every calorie in my body was gone. No power...no drive. I have done enough of these to know that these "downers" work their way out....and they did. Before the event started I made a good call and swapped out my 2.1 tires for a mud specific 1.8. It was a good call, as they stuck like velcro on all aspects of this course.

    Other than that my only other "bitch-n-moan" sections of this race were the out and back grass section, and the freshly cut singletrack in the trees. Not because of what they were, but rather because of how rough they were. My hardtail beat my butt into the ground. Can you say monkey butt? Not having the FS bike...with no doubt in my mind...contributed to faster body fatigue. By ass and certain parts of my body haven't hurt this bad since my first 24 hour race.

    Now it time to prep for the Mohican 100 and the next stop on the Ergon World Domination Tour: 24 Hr Big Bear.

    Sitting down at about 5:40 AM Sunday after completing the race.

    You know the best thing about an endurance race that runs thru the night hours until early morning? One word....IHOP.