• Platte River Marathon: Race Recap.

    The sunrise was good.

    So was the coffee and granola for breakfast.

    Leading the charge at the start....until The locals show me a thing or two on their singletrack.
    (photo credit)

    The rest of the race was one of those days. 3 flat tires was a first for me in an event....2 on one lap alone. Pretty bad dehydration that had me wanting an IV, after I called it a day. What blows my mind is that I drank almost 2.5 gallons of HIGH5 sports drink, and took in almost twice what I normally do for electro's!!!! Think. Think. Think. Not sure what happened...

    "The Gully" from Cornbread

    I did have a few good laps...somehow. I managed to work up into 3rd place about 3/4 of the way through the event. Folks on course where telling me that the lead guys were second guessing their start pace. I never did catch the leader....he was having a swell day. That hard charge I think is what did me in with the hydration. I was spending too much time run'n and gun'n, and worrying about not falling off my right pedal (see below), that I let the nutrition slide. That is where a pit crew would be nice. They can tell you to keep on top of those things.

    Then to put the icing on the cake, how about a cleat on the right shoe that went retarded on lap 2, or about 50 minutes into a 6 hours race. I ended up trying to pound out the rest of my race this way. I did....but it was not fun, or really the safest thing to do. I think I finished around 5th or so...I was in no mood to stick around. Plus, I had a 4ish hour drive back to W'loo.

    Another 120 pictures were taken with my camera by Mr. Bixby and Whiskers the Dog.
    Check'em out here.