• I am so there!

    Made the drive into Mansfield, OH in about 9 hours of car time. Not bad. Not bad at all. The trip was pretty uneventful. Just me, the car, some water, Naked Juice, and some fruit. 'Bout the only thing that made me bang my head on the side of the car was paying $3.48 a gallon for gas. Doh!

    Prolly, the highlight of the drive out was a cell phone call that went like this....

    [ring, ring, ring]

    Me: Hello.

    My sister: Yeah, your bike showed up from UPS.

    Me: Damn!


    So, the FS bike is in Iowa. I am in Ohio. Won't be able to love it till June 12. Dang! Time to worry about the task at hand. Pre-ride and pick up registration on Friday. Then rest and hydrate. Race day on Saturday is forecasting a chance for storms with highs near 90 degrees and high humidity. Ahhhhhh, just like home.

    More to come...