• Ergon HM1 Gloves

    Full view of the top of the Ergon HM1 glove. This gives you a good idea how the glove closes. Notice that the velcro latching system is on top of the hand....versus around the wrist.

    The under-side of the glove. Very minimal padding helps the Ergon gloves to jive specifically with the Ergon line of grips.

    Little tacky rubber strips allow for worry free finger-to-brake-lever contact.

    Same goes on top. Two soft plastic pieces protect the tops of the fingers for those of you using the Shimano Dual control shifters.

    Gloves are well vented. Personal rides near 90 degrees have been pretty dry due to key ventilation areas throughout the gloves.

    The official text...
    Ergon gloves have two different kind of padding on the palm area. The medium padding stretching from the inside to the outside the ulnar muscle protects the sensitive nerves of the hand. Additional thin padding is provided in the area of the sensitive finger joints. In order to prevent wrinkling, both gloves are equipped with predefined offset positions. Due to the v-shaped FlexPalm design, the glove fits perfectly even during grasping movements. As proportions between finger length and hand width differ greatly, the gloves are not closed in the wrist area, but on the back of the hand. The innovative clasp allows for an individual width adjustment and for perfect fit. The gloves are available in specific cuts for men and women. The HM Series is designed for all mountain usage, the T Series as a touring glove for trekking and fitness bikers.

    Coming very, very, very soon.....