• Do ya wanna do a DU?

    So, I signed up and took part in a 2 man relay for the local off-road DU. Pretty simple format really....bike, run, bike. I biked both legs, while Mr. Chad Juel did all the labor intensive running. The race started off with a le mans run. I though great....just what I am used to with all my 12 and 24 hour racing. But when over 95% on the people at the start line are runners first and cyclist second....I ended up not being the first to the bike. Once to the bike, it was go-mode to the front. I was followed closely by Houlihan into the single track, and we quickly separated ourselves from the other racers. On this first bike leg we did 2 laps on the 4.5 mile course. About halfway through the first lap myself and Houlihan separated. I ended up getting roughly a minute on him after the end of the 2 laps. Once the two laps were complete I came in....dismounted....racked my bike...then slapped Chad on the hand. Chad would then go out and run 2 laps on the running loop.

    Chad's lap times were quick. I only stood around for like 30 minutes while he pounded out the 3ish mile run. Once Chad came in, it was a slap on the hand....and then off on the bike I went for one final 4.5 mile lap. Once on the bike it took the legs a while to get going from standing around. But shortly into the lap I was back in the groove. I hammered out the lap(s) in a higher intensity to get in some much needed speed work. In the end, our team effort was good enough for 1st place overall.

    More pictures here from the event.