• Swamped.

    I am logistically challenged. OK, not really, but I have a lot on my plate leading up to next Wed departure for the "Otter." The next few days and weekend will be all about Trans-Iowa. The final details are set and the cue sheets are done being printed. Now comes the job of sorting the cue sheets into 100 little piles. Boring. But, it has to be done. Stay tuned as details are posted on the TI site and MTBR.

    Also, got the mock-ups of the Ergon USA vehicle that you'll see roll'n to events across the USA and Canada. No, it's not this....or this.....or this. This would be cool, but not practical. So would this! When it becomes official, I'll post it up here.

    Here is a first look at the carbon fiber suspension seatpost from Ergon. It's name: CR1. It offers up to 25mm of ass forgiving suspension. Best part, is it does not effect seatpost height. More here.

    OK, time to work. Really, I do work.

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