• Spin'n at the Whitewater Center

    Went back to the Ocoee Whitewater Center today for a 2 hr recovery spin. This was the site of the 1996 whitewater competition at the Olympics, and is also the venue of the Cohutta 100. These trails are super popular. We all know Moab, and chances are you heard of the Tanasi Trail System. Heck, these trails are so good, they name bikes after them.

    There is over 30 miles of first class single track located at the center. The parking fee is $3....but it is a very small price to pay for trails that are well maintained and 100 % marked out with signage.

    The start of the trail system goes up....and up.....and up. We rode this yesterday in the race. Today was much more enjoyable.

    I am easily entertained by any singletrack. I don't get to ride it every day living in Iowa, so when I can ride for 2 hours and never leave a trail wider than 1 foot wide....it's all good.

    Lots of climbing leads to excellent views. Now, if I could only find some of the high point locales from the race!

    It's all good here. If you like the outdoors...hiking, biking, and rafting....this is your vacation destination. In fact, rafters outnumber cyclist like 20 to 1.

    Like a postcard.

    Monday will be hours of riding on the Chilhowee Trail system. I can't wait.