• Going up....

    Spent a hair over 5 hours on the bike today. I got up this AM...tended to e-mails....ate some breakfast....then mounted up the Rotwild to get my climbing fix over on the Chilhowee Trail System. This place was awesome....a bit more rugged than yesterday, and not really hardtail friendly trail.

    90% of the trail is rocks. My ass was jackhammering off my Terry saddle today. Wish'n I had either the Ergon suspension seatpost or my Rotwild FS bike.

    I can't get enough of the Ergon BD1 pack. I carried 2 tubes, mini tool, 2 Powerbars, mini pump, and 100 oz of water, camera, and a rain jacket. Sounds heavy right? Yep, but when you fill the pack and ride it feels like you rage'n trail with like 40 oz of water on your back. AMAZING!!!!

    Looking forward from the front tire....

    Todays views were similar to the views during the Cohutta 100.

    According to the sign...this is about 4,000 ft.

    Hey, is that Iowa off in the distance?

    Flatlander up high.

    As dry as the trails are, you would think the creeks would be dry. Not the case.

    Hours in the woods....followed by pavement miles back to the hotel.

    Felt good to open up the legs in the big ring rather than spinning the easy gears going up hill.

    Oh my gosh!!! It's a curvy road! I'm over stimulated.

    Tomorrow is the 55nine Performance - Ergon Demo at Blankets Creek north of the ATL. Pics and a recap of the days events to come late tomorrow.