• Giving back...

    Had a few down hours this AM before I needed to tend to my chores that had to be taken care of before Sea Otter. So, I headed out to the CVA 5k Trail Run to direct traffic on the race course....and snap a few pictures. No, I am not a runner, but just being involved in the promotional level of an athletic event is pretty cool. Here are a few random pics...

    Jeff Slade, CVA director, hands out some post-race prizing.

    2nd place male finisher crosses the stream crossing.
    See the ice? It was a balmy 20 degrees at race time!

    Some of the local mnt bike folks even got their run on.
    Houlihan and Bidwell come through in about 4th and 5th place.

    Sarah Gall, owner of the Runner's Flat in CF, was out playing around during the event. How about a custom Adidas Running poster to showcase the product they sell at "the Flat"? Did I mention her supa'fast husband, Scott, won!

    More pictures are posted here...120 of them to be exact. And don't forget to check out the other events going on this summer from Cedar Valley Adventure.