• Ergon Demo: Blankets Creek

    Drove down to the Blankets Creek Trail System which is located about 15 miles north of the ATL to do the first of many Ergon product demos across the country. Today I teamed up with Eddie and Nam of 55nine Performance to promote the importance of bike fit and ergonomics.

    One of the first to show up was none other than the Cohutta 100 2nd place womens finisher and Ergon USA Athlete, Carey Lowery. She stopped by to sample some grips as she prepares for he trip to Costa Rica for La Ruta.

    This guy already had a set of Ergon's...but stopped by to tell me how much more enjoyable riding is now.

    Thank god, most of the grips were lock-on. For those not, we simply shot them off the bar with compressed air normally sold for cleaning computer keyboards and other hard to reach areas.

    This guys life changed today, simply by adding some Team Issue grips to his bike.

    OK people, time to clear out. We are out'a here!

    Overall, it was a good time. We installed about 20 pairs of grips for people to try out in the woods. Who knows how many people just stopped by to see and feel the product...it was a lot. I think today I could have sold every pair of demo grips installed. But, that is what the retailers are for. Starting tomorrow, there is going to be hot demand in the ATL for Ergon. Look out!

    Thanks to Eddie and Nam for taking time out of their day to team up and promote this little event.