• Cohutta 100: The good, bad, and very ugly.

    The Good: I finished. Something like 8 hr 30 min was my finishing time. No doubt in my mind, if I was 100%, I could have finished in the top 15. There were good times...and not so good times. At about 40 miles in, my legs started to feel pretty good, but it just wasn't my day. Breathing was like it was thru a pillow, and the amount a times I hacked up a flem-wad of goo, was enough to fill a garbage can. Blah, blah, blah....time to move on. This is a good event if you like fire road with steep climbs, long climbs, and deafening downhills. It's a good one for that person training fro the Leadville 100, or wanting to try their first "hundi." There was one downhill that lasted for like 15 minutes at speeds over 35 mph. The wind was so loud blowing thru your ears that when we got to the bottom it was like we had cotton in our ears! What? What? What? And the views are amazing....I had no idea the elevation was this extreme looking south at Georgia!!!! Only about 15% of the course is singletrack...but it's still tough....and some of the best singletrack I have ridden a bike on. In the end, Eatough ended up winning in like 6 hr 45 min. There was a good talent pool here at the Cohutta 100....top endurance racers from all over the USA. Time to get these bad races out of the way and start looking towards the meat of the summer race season...

    The Bad and Very Ugly: At about 10 miles into the race, a group of use where pacing fast thru some singletrack wheel to wheel. All of a sudden we came onto a water drainage. It stuck up about 10 inches....and i hit it. So hard, that I was on the ground before I knew what happen. I didn't even have time to let go of the grips. My face, helmet, and shoulders hit the ground hard and fast. It was one of those moments, where you don't care about the bike but rather first check to see if your nose is straight and your front teeth are still located in their proper location. Lucky for me they were. Without a doubt, the front of my helmet kept me from breaking my nose....if not loose some teeth. A pretty scary moment, that even broke the visor off me MET helmet. I sat and thought...."Do I keep going?" It was one of those seconds were it crossed my mind that I should not be out here racing today....but rather back in bed resting. Screw it! I am here....lets do some mental training.

    My computer died in the crash. High impact don't ya say?

    Another bruise shoulder. Other shoulder is the same way.

    Bloody chin and swollen upper lip. Chicks dig it!

    A scraped up stem face plate. How the heck?

    Ergon rider, Carey Lowery, takes home 2nd in the womens race. Super Chick, Musto, took the win at the line with a sprint!

    A bunch of fast dudes...."Eat-off", Tinker, Brandon, Hendershot...

    Ergon SS super freaks, DJ Birtch and Fuzzy, take home 1st and 3rd. FREAKS!!!!
    Can't forget to give a huge shout out to Joe-P who took 5th.

    Fuzzy!!!! His real name is John, and he's a freak on his bike. I think we need a Ergon Fuzzy grip!?

    Rest of my time here will be used for some long hours in the mountains. Then it's up to the DSG 12 Hour for some pit support and demo work. Time to tend to my runny, mucus fountain coming out of my nose.