• Pre-ride complete.

    Got out today for about 1.5 hours of spin time with Syd and Bucanandale. I was pretty bum'n about the weather. Last night it poured rain....and all this AM. Then on the way to the pre-ride, the skies cleared and we enjoyed awesome trail conditions. Temps even pushed into the low 80's....a taste of what's to come tomorrow. Also saw the KS guys, including Mr. Chamber's and his new Badger out pedal'n around. Even the 'Snob was out playing in the moist soil.. Tomorrow should be good. Just got to keep the momentum going forward and the hydration high. And now a few pics from today...

    Sign tells it all.

    Syd and Buchanandale in tow.

    Mid ride breather.

    Yep, this is what most of the 60 miles is like.

    Syd and Buchanandale still following close by.

    Buchanandale using all the RUSH to get over the trail.

    Syd's 2nd mnt bike race EVER is Sunday. She won her first one....can she do it again?

    Let's see how Ergon equipped riders fair tomorrow.