• Bum Training.

    Four hours of glorious road riding. It was good to get out and spin the legs at 20 mph. There was only 4 of us, but that was fine with me. No speed records were broken, just some legs getting back into the swing of things. And for me...getting my arse use to sitting in the saddle.

    Right before we left Cedar Falls, Guitar Ted came flying by on his way out to ride some dirt. He was sport'n his new Saeco Team Issue thermal bibs in a lovely shade of Santa Claus red, and Moots water bottles. Where did he get the Moots bottles from you ask? Well, he stole them from Mike Curiak last year at Trans-Iowa.

    Super Saul showing that neon is making a come back in 2006.

    Same goes for JY. Speaking of JY, check out his blog for picture from todays ride.

    Ahhhhhh. Easy cruising speed at 20 mph in January.

    Snow is 98% gone off the ground, but the rivers still need some work.

    "How about a round of Power Gels for everyone?"

    Screw the gels! How about some Cherry Garcia!

    Or, just stick to the tried and true Power Bar. Vanilla Crisp to be exact.

    Lets see a show of hands...How many knew that Super Saul is also a Super Ninja?

    JY knows people.

    That's a wrap folks. I'll just let Super Saul and Fox do the work back into town. Good ride guys. Rest up, cause we are doing it on Sunday.

    Oh, and for those keeping track at home...
    Jeff K: 2
    JY: 0