• Weapons for World's

    Wow! Less than 10 days till 24 Hour Solo World's in Whistler. Everything is coming along as planned. Am I nervous? Yep, a little bit. Am I looking forward to the 2 day drive? Not really. Do I feel that I have the fitness and tools to do well? You-bet-cha! The sponsors have stepped up big...great equipment and financial help. THANK YOU SPONSORS!!!

    As far as training goes leading up to the event, most rides will be short and to the point. I will try to ride each day to keep the legs "in the know" for how to ride a bike. Tonight after work I am going to go out and test some recently intalled Hayes El Camino's. These things seem to be pretty amazing! No, I have not had trail time yet, but the parking lot test gave me goose-bumps.

    The lever itself is no bigger than a standard v-brake lever. It's pretty amazing what Hayes has done here. Also, the brakes came pre-bled...BONUS! The only problem was there was too much hose line for my bike set-up. As easy as 1-2-3, I trimmed the hose, re-installed, and BAM, I was ready to roll.

    The caliper too is way tiny. When on the bike, you can hardly see it, cause it blends into all the other thing going on in the back of the bike. The centering of the caliper went smoother than other discs I have worked with. Also note, that the El Camino uses a different brake pad from the other Hayes brakes out there.

    So tonight I am going to go out and play with the power adjust knobs and get them dialed in for what I think I will need at Whistler. More to come after i get some "real" riding in on these "stoppers"

    So the rest of the day is work...riding...and a Roast of Whizbag at the O.P. Should be good times.

    So who else is road-tripping to Whistler? Anyone driving farther than 2 days? I am really looking forward to the sleeping under picnic tables at Interstate Rest Stops like my trips to 24 Hrs Moab and Worlds at Whistler last year. Good Times!!!