• Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

    Sunday means one thing in Iowa during the summer...It's race'n time! Well, it was race time for everybody but me. Ihad to work at the shop. Dang!

    So, to get some fat tire fun in today, I gravel grinded up to the race course at 7 AM and turned a lap on the sweeeeeeeet course. I cannot believe how rock'n that trail is. Plus, it's only like 30 minutes worth of gravel away.

    So I got up there, turned a lap, chatted with the racers, talked about the Iowa 24, then high tailed it back to Cedar Falls to be to work by 11:30.

    Say hello to Jimmy. Jimmy is one of the local fast BMX freaks we have here in town. Heck, just yesterday, he won a state championship! Earlier in the month G-Ted talked him into trying the mnt bike race today. He agreed, and G-Ted loaned him a mnt bike to race on. Geez, what a swell guy. Anyway, Jimmy pulled off a 5th place inthe Beginner race. He said he got the hole shot (BMX lingo) and then his legs started to burn after like 5 minutes. I was laughen pretty hard. I told him he needs to learn to embrace lactic acid and make it his friend. Well, he had fun, and that is all that counts.

    Carl was hang'n out also. He helped set up the course and assist in the daily activities. Carl is the only person I know that just all of a sudden starts singing Iron Maiden tunes and rock'n out. It's crazy! He should have some pics up soon.

    Nothing really exciting happen at the shop today.
    Whizbang brought me some fresh tomatos from his garden. He rocks too! I wonder how his new nude doll is doing?

    Ok, that is enough. Rest of the week will be spent focusing and preping for the Iowa 24. Should be good times with good people. I would go and get my food for the race tonight, but going to Wal-Mart on a Sunday night is dangerous! Playing on the freeway would be safer.

    I wonder how
    JY enjoyed is first true dirt experience? Are you ready for 24?


    I need to know who the person is that got to my site by typing the following into a search engine...."Jeff is cool" That is too funny!